Grid for Resource Binder Unit Plan - Use this chart to plan for between 18 and 22 lessons.
Day 1 Monday
Introduction to Evolution
-Unit Outline
-Intro to summative assessment
(case study)
- Homework is to decide what type of assessment task they would like to do
Day 2 Tuesday
Adaptations and Survival
Natural Selection
-Group Formation
-Perspective assignment
Day 3 Wednesday
Natural Selection Wet Lab
-Wet lab to be completed for homework
Day 4 Thursday
Artificial Selection
- Pedigree dogs
Day 5 Friday
Mini Quiz
- wet lab homework due
- homework will be to read case study and come up with draft research questions
Day 6
Computer Lab to get group questions together for case study
Checkpoint 1 for submitting binder
Day 7
Introduction to the history of evolution
Day 8
Bio-geographical Evidence of Evolution
- Students will recieve feedback for case study questions
Day 9
Anatomical Evidence of Evolution
"Research" to read history of evolution articles and prepared for discussion
Day 10
Discussion of the history cases
Day 11
Mini Quiz
Evolution and Speciation
- Speciation Demo
Day 12
Computer lab day for research into the case study
Checkpoint 2 submit research notes and bibliography
Day 13
Mechanisms of Evolution
- Speciation Dry Lab
Day 14
Mechanisms of Evolution
- Students will get the feedback on their research questions and do a self assessment
Day 15
Mechanisms of Evolution
-homework current research in evolution papers read and analyze
Day 16
Discussion of current research
Day 17
Mini Quiz
Homework summary of perspective (individual for case study)
Day 18
Students will get the chance to work on their summative assessment tasks
Checkpoint 3 students hand in peer assessment of each others summaries
Day 19

Day 20
Presentations of Authentic
Performance Tasks
Day 21
Review Day
Day 22
Unit Test

Below is the essential question we worked on during class:
(as of 03/01/2011)

Below are the linked expectations we worked on during class:
(as of 03/01/2011)