Recent Research Development

- related to Skills of Inquiry and Communication

Course: Grade 11 U SBI3U
Unit: Evolution

Activity: Analysing & Evaluating Scientific Papers on Recent Research [related to evolution]
This assignment will allow students to have the opportunity to become familiar with reading primary research papers. This can be difficult for many students, but it is an essential skill useful for a student going on to post-secondary studies, and valuable to think critically and be scientifically literate. The main goal of this assignment is to have the students practice reading, comprehending, and evaluating skills of scientific papers. Also students will be able to use these research papers as sources when they do a research assignment.
This assignment addresses the following expectations of the course:
Curriculum Expectations:
A1.8 synthesize, analyse, interpret, and evaluate qualitative and/or quantitative data to determine whether the evidence supports or refutes the initial prediction or hypothesis and whether it is consistent with scientific theory; identify sources of bias and/or error; and suggest improvements to the inquiry to reduce the likelihood of error
A1.9 analyse the information gathered from research sources for logic, accuracy, reliability, adequacy, and bias
C2.1 use appropriate terminology related to evolution, including, but not limited to: extinction, natural selection, phylogeny, speciation, niche, mutation, mimicry, adaptation, and survival of the fittest
After this assignment, students should be able to:
  • Identify hypothesis and how the hypothesis is tested
  • Understand and explain the scientific method with the concepts of control, replication, dependent and independent variables and data
  • Identify the major contribution(s) of the scientific paper
  • Critically evaluate any shortcomings of the paper
  • Understand the some advantages or limitations of research
  • Summarize important points of the scientific paper

Background Supplementary Information: [Good Draft]

Assignment/Task Instructions:

These are just the articles selected. However, this assignment can be more open ended and the students can select their own articles or the teacher can choose a specific theme of the articles.

Instructions: see teacher's notes (answer key is not available on electronic format)